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TERMS AND CONDITIONS General Terms And Conditions For This Website

Atlantis Aquatics Inc. is the legal and corporate identity and the parent company of Atlantis Aquatics Sports Scuba, DBA.

All references to Atlantis Aquatics Sports Scuba will herby be termed

‘Atlantis’, ‘Atlantis Aquatics’, ‘Atlantis Aquatics Inc.’ or ‘Atlantis Aquatics Sports Scuba’.

Each and every one of these terms refers to the company as a whole and no other entity outside of Atlantis Aquatics Inc.

All logos for Atlantis Aquatics Inc. are solely owned by the corporate entity that holds copyright for them. This includes, but not limited to, the ‘clownfish’ & ‘stingray’ logos. Any unauthorized reproduction of these images is prohibited.

Sales Tax

Pennsylvania sales tax applies to all items purchased with the exception of education and standard clothing items. Training and shirts & sweatshirts are non-taxable, however scuba clothing and bathing suits are taxable.

Intellectual Property; Brand Features

All Atlantis Aquatics Inc. branding is copyrighted and property of Atlantis Aquatics Inc.


Your privacy is important to Atlantis Aquatics Inc. All personal information including name, address, phone number and email address are kept in-house and never shared or sold to any other entities by Atlantis Aquatics Inc.

While using PADI websites, you may ‘opt in or out’ with regard to PADI using your information for its own or third party advertising.

All medical information shared with Atlantis Aquatics Inc. is confidential and not shared with any other entities.


Rental equipment is the property of Atlantis Aquatics Inc. Full replacement cost will be charged to any rentee for any lost or stolen equipment, including weight pockets and weights. Be responsible for any equipment you rent and ensure weight pockets are clipped in and secure during your dives.

Return rental wetsuit jacket, pants or full suits ‘inside out’ so they can be washed upon return. Hoods and gloves should be ‘right side’ out. All equipment should be rinsed off of any dirt or mud before returning to the scuba center.

No refunds are given for equipment that was not used during the rental period.

All rental equipment is rented for a minimum of a one-day rental fee.

Rental fees continue to accrue until equipment is returned.


Students should be at class on-time and ready to go. If for some reason you need to miss a class, please let the store know as soon as possible. A make-up fee may be charged for missed sessions:

$25.00 per classroom session
$65.00 per pool or open water session

Payment in full must be completed before any in-water training takes place.  All paperwork must be filled out before you may enter any water location.

The use of non-prescription drugs and/or alcohol are strictly prohibited before or during any class time or in-water training sessions.

Strict depth limits are enforced for all student divers as follows:

Open Water Divers – 60 feet maximum depth
Open Water Divers ages 10 or 11 – 40 feet maximum depth

Advanced Open Water Divers – 100 feet maximum depth

PADI Deep Diver Specialty certification – 130 feet maximum depth

Atlantis is not responsible for any damaged, lost or stolen personal items during your training.


While Atlantis will endeavor to keep our website up to date and accurate, some details may change without notice.

We reserve the right to change pricing at any time without notice. Training locations, including confined water and open water, may change based on local conditions. 

Dive safely and well within your limits.