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Atlantis Aquatics offers a full line of Scuba, Snorkeling, Free Diving, Swimming and Water Sports Activities Equipment

These products need to be personally fitted to each participant and ensure it is correct for the intended activity.
Let our professionally trained staff assist y
ou in getting just the right equipment for your needs.

                                                                              AquaLung Partner Center

Atlantis Aquatics is an Aqualung Partner Center. This means Atlantis can bring you the finest diving equipment in the world at a price you can afford. By partnering with Aqualung, Atlantis can offer a wide selection of equipment as well as full-service technicians to ensure it lasts for years to come.

Aqualung introduced the world to scuba diving more then 70 years ago when Jacques-Yves Cousteau & Emille Gagnan developed the very first 'Aqua-Lung' which enabled them to breath underwater for the first time. The excitement and adventurous spirit of that first dive continues today and is reflected in AquaLung's dedication to quality and innovation.

Here are many of the manufacturers you will find when you explore at Atlantis Aquatics. While Atlantis stocks a wide variety of equipment and accessories, if you don't see something, ask, most likely it can be ordered for you.     

Amphibious Outfitters Logo        Amphibious Outfitters (Apparel)
 Analox Logo       Analox (Analizers)
 AquaLung Logo       AquaLung (Full Equipment Lines)
 AquaLung Dry Logo       AquaLung Dry (Drysuits)
 AquaLung Public Safety Logo       AquaLung Public Safety (PS & Military)
 AquaLung Sports Logo        AquaLung Sport (Snorkeling)
AquaSphere Logo        Aqua Sphere (Swimming)
 Apeks Logo        apexs (Regulators & BCD's)
DeepSee Logo         DEEP SEE (Neoprene)
 SeaQuest Logo        SeaQuest (BCD's)
 US Divers Logo        U.S. DIVERS (Watersport)
 Atomic Aquatics        Atomic Aquatics (Regulators, Mask, etc)
 Big Blue Dive Lights Logo        bigblue
(Dive Lights)
 Carter Lift Bags Logo        CARTER LIFT BAG
(Lift Bags)
 Catalina Cylinders Logo        CATALINA CYLINDERS
(Scuba Tanks & Accessories)
 Cetacea Logo        Cetacea
 DAN Logo        Divers Alert Network
(Dive Safety)
 DUI Logo        Diving Unlimited International
 Fouth Element Logo        Fourth Element (Diving Apparel)
GearAid Logo        GearAid (Solutions)
 Global Scuba MFG Logo        GLOBAL MFG. CORP. 
 Innovative Scuba Logo        INNOVATIVE SCUBA CONCEPTS 
 NeoSport Logo        NeoSport
 OMS Logo        OMS / Ocean Managment Systems
(BCD's, Fins & Accessories)
 OTS Logo        OTS / Ocean Technology Systems
(Full Face Mask & Communications)
PADI Logo         PADI 5-Star
(Certifying Agency & Publisher)
 Poseidon Logo        Poseidon
(Regulators & Accessories)
 Princeton Tec Logo        Princeton Tec
(Dive Lights)
 Scuba Max Logo        Scuba Max
 SeaPearls Logo         Sea Pearls
(Weights & Scuba Tanks)
 SeaLife Logo        SeaLife
(Cameras & Photo Accessories)
ShearWater        Shearwater (Dive Computers)
 St Moritz Momentum Logo        St. Moritz (Dive Watches)
 Suunto Logo        SUUNTO (Dive Computers)
 SDI/TDI Logo        SDI TDI
(Certifying Agency)
 Trident Logo        TRIDENT
 Typhoon Logo        TYPHOON (Accessories)
 Xit404 Logo        Xit404
(Slates & Pencils)
 XS Scuba Logo        XS SCUBA