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KAYAK THE SEA CAVES Paddle Inside The Theatre-like Caverns Of Bell Island

As you arrive, you look around in awe - is this another planet? The coast is rocky and almost red in color, with the rocks looking like displaced puzzle pieces which had been placed haphazardly around, dotting the island. When you drift to ta stop, the skipper invites the more adventurous of passengers to explore the island in a kayak! You hop in your kayak and begin to explore. Paddling along the coast, a bald eagle drifts lazily overhead. Free as a bird they say - here paddling among the sea caves of Bell Island, you feel you can finally relate to that saying.


As you enter the great cavity of rock called a sea cave, the world suddenly darkens around you. The water is still, with just a gentle lap of the ocean water against the rocky sides of the cave. You make your way deeper inside, until a glimmer of sunlight shines down upon you through a blowhole within the roof. As you make your way out the other side, you are treated again to a view of the magnificent coastline. Is that a sea stack over in the distance?

You paddle back to the Zodiac and climb on board. The skipper completes his tour around the island before you head back to the marina. Its time to take out your camera...yeah, you'll need the wide angle lens.


  • Adventure will take place from our Conception Bay South location.
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  • If you are looking to book outside of scheduled times, private tours are available. For more
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