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ICONS What Do The Icons Mean

Throughout the site you will see these icons.  This is what they mean.

Click Here For More InformationThis icon will take you to a page with more information.  Could be an explanation or more information or special instructions.

$10.00 Off Added Services For Club MembersThis icon shows that club  members receive additional services at no charge.  These can include a guided dive, snacks and/or water for hydration. Depending on availability, if you have a problem with equipment we will loan you some of ours at no charge. Special member only events.  Get wet sessions in the pool.

Loyalty Club Credit

 This icon shows that club members get a 20% Loyalty Club credit for this item.  

Club members are those that have helped support us by gear purchases, rentals, and more.

  • If you bought your Scuba equipment from us you are a club member.
  • If you are taking a class and rent a full set of equipment from us you are a member for that class.
  • If you have supported the store in other ways you may become a club member

This is our way of saying Thanks to those that have helped keep diving in Southwest Virginia.