Workshops Workshops for every diver!!


Drysuit Workshop

February 1st at 7:00pm

-Come in to see what Drysuit's are all about, the different options, and how it can change the way you dive. We will be there with different styles of drysuits explaining the differences between them, and also describing the range of uses for drysuits and how they can really change your comfort while diving! Seating limited.

Atomic/Suunto Demo Night

Febuary 8th at 7:00pm

-Come in to see all that Atomic and Suunto have to offer! Our dealer will be in town to show everyone the in's and out's of thier products and how they compare with other brands. Be sure not to miss this night to get a chance to hear all about the products that we sell.

Try Rebreather

Febuary 11th starting at 12:00pm

-Come join us to experience rebreathers and see if this is the right future of diving for you! We will be doing it in 3 goups, becasue we are limited in size, so you need to call ahead. In addition this class is $100, but that $100 can be applied to your class when you are blown away by what a rebreather has to offer! There are only a couple of requirement, the first being that you have to be 18 or older, and that you have to be a certified diver with at lead 15 logged dives. Give us a call or stop in to make sure that we hafe a spot reserved for you!!

Go Pro Orientation Night

March 1st at 6:00pm

-Ever thought about taking your diving to the next level? Ever seen yourself in the instructors position? We have a DiveMaster and an Instructor Course coming up and now is your chance to learn all about what it takes to be an instructor and how it could change your life! Join us this night to get a sneak peak inside the life of a Professional Diver! We will be discussing not only class schedules and pricing but also expectations for being a Professional and the opportunities that are out there to grow as a Diver and as a Professional!

Try Tec

April 8th starting at 11:00am

-Join us this afternoon to give you a chance to try out some tec gear. We will start with a little demo and an overview of the products and how they can improve your diving experience, then we will have gear available for you to try out. We will be putting people in Doubles with a Backplate and also giving people a chance to try Sidemount diving. This is a great opportunity to be able to see a different side of SCUBA diving, so reserve your spot and join us for a fun experience.

Traveling Workshop

May 3rd starting at 6:00pm

-This night will be a great way to start the summer off! We will be discussing the best way to travel with your SCUBA gear and some tips and tricks for planning to dive on any of your summer trips. In addition we will discuss some traveling tips from making long flights comfortable to figuring out a new place and how to get around and truely enjoy a new place.