Redondo Beach - Veterans Park Popular dive site a breeding ground for many small fish on the edge of a submarine canyon
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CA 91342,

+1 (818) 362-2800

Redondo Beach - Veterans Park

A popular teaching beach because it has good facilities and easy access. it is primarily a gently sloping sandy bottom with plenty of room to explore. The beach turns down about a depth of 25 ft and slips downward to far beyond the recreational depths without having to swim very far. One of the few places you can get deep locally of of the shore.

What You Can See Here

 This site is sometimes overlooked for all the life here because it is used for teaching so often The preoccupied divers are sometimes too focused on their tasks and skills to see all the life surrounding. There are abundance of small fish, rays, and crabs. It is a lively nursery on the edge of a canyon. A place where the small grow with easy access for the depths for the larger visitors. It is a great spot for to see pipefish hiding in the rolling tufts of grass. Decorator Crabs camoflaged along the sand dollar beds. Baby ocotpus and halibut are very common. During the winter it is a popular spot to do Night Dives to witness the gathering of squid mating and laying eggs.

The Location

Certain things about this site make if convienient to get some dives done when other sites might not be having favorable conditions.

  • It is a west facing beach that is protected by the PV Penninsula to the south and the breakwall/harbor to the north leaving this beach as one that may have calmer conditions when the surrounding sites might be more challenging.
  • Parking is usually readily available. But it is available by parking meters that must be fed by coin. Bring lots of quarters.
  • Usually it is best to work out of your vehicle so you need to have a way to secure your car while you are diving.
  • There are restrooms at the park and showers seasonally down the stairs. There are lifeguard stations staffed during the season. There is a police station on the pier.
Directions to the Beach

Using GPS or Search Engines - look for Veterans Park in Redondo Beach or 390 Esplanade in Redondo Beach.

Camera from Pier -

Easiest directions - Take the 405 fwy south of the 105 fwy and exit at Hawthorne Blvd and go South. in about 4 miles turn right (West) on Torrance Blvd and it will take you straight to the beach just south of the Redondo Pier. 3/4's of the way around the turn around at the beach take the frontage road between the park and the beach to the top of the hill. We wiill normally meet near the stairs at the south end of the road. There is a larger lot if the parking along the beach is full. REMEMBER TO BRING A ROLL OF QUARTERS FOR PARKING.