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Local Dive Sites

Join us for our next local beach dive! 

Looking to get in the water, but just can't make it to a boat? Whether you are a local diver or a visiting diver looking to experience diving in the Southern California Coastal Waters Aquanautics Dive can get you wet. 

We have a variety of destinations that we visit frequently with new and even experienced divers.  The Southern California coast is remarkably accessible for scuba diving so of course at Aquanautics we take full advantage of this gift. Beach diving is terrific because everything that you can see off of a boat, you can see off the beach too!

Benefits of a beach dive:

  • Diving off your local beach is more wallet-friendly than scheduling a boat at times.
  • Making a dive or two off the beach allows for more free time during the day as opposed to spending the whole day on a boat or taking a far trip.  A lot of dives can be made in the morning and the diver can continue about their day or even go straight to work or lunch after.
  • There is always an abundance of marinelife and gorgeous scenery available from any beach. 
  • Because its easier to schedule a beach dive, it allows for the most important aspect of scuba.. getting in the water more often and having a lot of fun!  

Do not miss this incredible opportunity! Start your PADI Adventure in some of the best dive sites in the world!

Why not take a class while diving to increase your skills at the same time?