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What Can I Teach as a Divers Alert Network (DAN) Professional?

As you further your professional scuba diving education, you'll be able to offer more courses. As a DAN Instructor you can provide valuable information to people that makes the diving world a safer place. The diving world wether for work or play relys on an enviroment that is safe. if safety is not there then diving would become unenjoyable for both fun and work.

We are a DAN (Divers Allert Network) Training Center with a DAN Examiner on staff. We can teach all the DAN Instructor and Instructor Trainer programs. Another thing PADI Instructors might like to know. If you become and Instructior or Trainer for DAN Hazardous Marine LIfe Injuries or On-Site Neurologicall Assessment you can also earn those ratings as a PADI Destintive Specialty Instructor in those programs which gives you the ability to offer more PADI Specialtiy Certifications to your students'

What you can teach?BLS Instr.

On-site NEurological Assessement INstr.

Oxygen first AID for scuba INStr.Hazardous MARine life injuries INst.

DEMP INstructor

Basic Life Support (CPR) Yes Yes Yes Yes
On-Site Neurological Assessment Yes Yes Yes
Oxygen First Aid for Scuba Diving Yes Yes Yes
Hazardous Marine Life Injuries Yes Yes Yes
Diving Emergency Management Program (DEMP) Yes Yes
Health Care Provider Level Basic Life Support Yes Yes
Diving First Aid for Professinal Divers (DFA Pro) Yes
This Chart is for illustration purposes only and is designed as general description. Please contact us for detailed information.