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The Aquatots swimming year is designed to fit in with the conventional school term structure, as we know so many families have older children swimming with us. Using an established term structure helps to create less disruption to families with children at school and fits in nicely with school holidays. Unlike other baby swimming companies, our swim curriculum takes children far beyond school starting age and so allows the children to maintain swimming lessons and integrate into family activities like term holidays, after attending their primary school.

2017 / 2018 Term Dates

  1. The Summer Term - May vary from pool to pool depending on pool owner requirements but overall a starting date from the 10th July and running to the 24th September. Half term is scheduled for the weekend starting  21st August for 2 weeks. Some pools may have longer half term breaks or have split half terms so please check with your teacher and the office team nearer the time.
  2. The Autumn Term - Starting from the 9th October to the 10th December. We typically run this term non-stop with no half term break, however this can depend on your pool so please check with your teacher and the office team. 
  3. The Winter Term 2018- Starting from the 13th January to the 23rd March. Half term is scheduled for the week starting  12th February onward.
  4. The Spring Term 2018 - Starting from the 16th April to the 25th June. Half terms is scheduled for the  week starting 26th May onward. 

Please Note:

Swim Dates may be subject to change by matters outside of our control and contemplation. Some pools start, finish and half term dates may differ due to individual pool arrangements. The same may apply to Monday swimmers due to Bank Holiday Mondays. See details on your receipt and time table and ask your class Teacher to confirm your swimming dates.